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Elephant Sanctuary Retirement Park Chiang Mai (Thailand)

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A sanctuary for retired elephants, free to roam and graze on the surrounding vegetation. Walk, bathe and feed them. Strict no abuse policy. All welcome.

Elephant Retirement Park (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Our Story Elephant Retirement Park

The elephant retirement park has been established to create a haven for retired elephants. Formally working in building yards, it is illegal to use elephants for labor. This is drastically altered there function in society .

The camps founder, Adulwit khamya, better known as Noi, has created a sustainable habitat for the elephants to live in a safe and natural environment, free from profiteering and neglect. At the elephant park family units are never separated and herbal medicines are used to keep the animals healthy and enjoy a better quality of life.

The elephant retirement park is proud of its strict policy of its treatment of elephants. There is no riding, chaining for beating of any kind. The sole focus of the ERP is to promote the well being of retired elephants. Visitors and volunteers to the park can expect an enjoyable and rewarding experience working with the local Mahout people to care for these majestic symbols of strength and peace.

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Tours Package

Join our cause! Make a donation to help us care for our elephants. Our aim is to dopt elephants, build a clinic, develop the Village's agriculture. Be part of it. Detailed information on our website.

Half Day Tour

1700 ฿/Person.

Half Day Tour - Elephant Retirement Park

The Elephant Retirement Park offers a rare oportunity to spend a half day with these majestic animals. You will witness their behavior in their natural habitat a long with having an up close and personal experience. Pick up time  - 07.00 am. - 07.30 am. : Pick up from hotel/guesthouse (1 hour drive to the park).  - 08.30 am. : Introduction. When we arrive at the park we will give you information about the Elephant Retirement Park and activites.  - 09.00 am. : Meet and greet the elephants. Feed the elephants and enjoy taking photos and being in there company. Observe how we treat and apply herbal medicine to our sick elephant. Enjoy mud spa and shower with the el...

Booking Package

One Day Tour

2600 ฿/Person.

One Day Tour - Elephant Retirement Park

08.30 am. - 09.00 am. : Pick up from your hotel. Drive for one hour through Mae Tang agricultural countryside. When you arrive at park, we will give an introduction about our park and the elephants. After the introduction, we meet and treat the elephants. Feed them fresh fruit and sugar cane and relax in their company. 12.00 pm. - 13.00 pm. : Time for lunch, a traditional thai buffet, which is suitable for vegagetarians. After lunch we supply you with shorts and t-shirts for mud spa and shower with the elehants After we finish the mud spa and shower, it's your turn to shower and we supply you with towels and soap to get youself clean. After you have taken a shower, the...

Booking Package

Two day tour

5000 ฿/Person.

Two day tour - Elephant Retirement Park

Day 1 : Follow one day tour programe. In the evening learn how to prepare and administer Thai herbal medicine. Watch the sunset around the campfire and enjoy a traditional Thai BBQ. Spend the night in our accommodation lodgings. Day 2 : Be a real Mahout 09.00 am. Breakfast. Walk with the elephants to our camp for their morning drink. Back at the camp study how to harvest grass. teak tree leaves, bark and bamboo, while the elephants roams. 12.00 pm. - 13.00 pm. lunch, You will have time relax or walk around the camp. After lunch walk the elephants down to the bathing area for play time. Wash and brush the elephants. Say goodbye to the elephants and the Mahouts and travel back to yo...

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Volunteering and Home stay

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Volunteering and Home stay - Elephant Retirement Park

This is rare opportunity to live and work closely with elehants. Your will be able to build a relationship and get a better insight into their long term upkeep. You will stay in the elephants home in their natural jungle habitat, an hours drive from Chiang Mai square. The Elephant Retirement Park involves it's volunteers in all aspects of elephant care including, practical instruction in how to harves grass, bamboo, and corn, how to feed the elephants, make and use herbal medicine and help maintain upkeep of the camp. You will also learn ho to become a true Mahout elephant carer. Include:  - Accommodation  - Mosquito net  - Meals and hot drinks ...

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Tours Package


Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in anim id est laborum.

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Asian elephant

The Thai elephant today is a symbol of past power and splendor, encountered in one form or another almost everywhere looks, and  at the same time and urgent national conundrum, upon the solution of which may depend more than the animal's mere Survival. In the narrow pursuite of material comforts, Thailand's natural resources are being pushed to the limit to supplay more energy ...

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The Thai elephant today

The Thai elephant today is thus a symbo of past power and splendor, encountered in one form or another almost everywhere one looks, and, at the same time, an urgent national conundrum, upon the solution of which may depend much more than the animal's mere survival. in the narrow pursuit of material comforts, Thailand's natural resources are being pushed to the limit to supply mor en...

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Jao Ying Story

  Jao Ying is an Asian elephant that comes from the Province of Tak, east of Thailand. She has had a difficult life, with her owner mistreating her to make her a domestic animal. Once trained to that she can be controlled, usually beaten with a bull hook, she was placed in the logging trade, moving and carry heavy teak trees to the river, every day for 5 years. When the Thai govern...

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Noi's Story

Noi's Story: Noi came from North Eastern Thailand. His elder brother brought him to Bangkok to study elephant behavior for years at the Wat PrasatBoonyavat Temple. Where he learn Buddist Story, doctrine, From there, Noi moved to Chiang Mai where he became a tour guide.  This is where Noi saw first hand the treatment of elephants, and it broke his heart.  He saw elephants b...

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The Thai Elephant Today

In the year 1900 Thailand might have had as many as 100,000 domesticated elephants, and perhaps as many as one man in fifty might have worked at least part time as a mahout, a rider or elephants. An elephant walking through a village would have excited no more attention than a ten-wheeled truck does today. The number of domesticated elephants (sometimes misleadingly called tame or work elep...


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