• 2023-09-22


Back to 25 years ago "Pangstomee" elephant was 55 years old. she returned to his hometown with a deteriorating physical over time. After he lives in Chounan Doubutsu Zoo, Shiba City, Japan. She was among the favorite Japanese. When she got older, his body can not stand cold weather. The zoo decided to request to return her to her hometown but she soon fell sick and died peacefully in her hometown.

Thai elephant in a cage Waiting for transportation from Japan back to Thailand Published in the news area, it was stated that the owner of Sonan Dobutsu Zoo, Chiba City, Japan, made a letter to the Forest Industry Organization. Request to deliver a broken elephant named "Stomee" to the Thai Elephant Conservation Center for this elephant to return to live his final life in her hometown.

But after "Pangstomee" returned to Thailand only 13 days, the 55 years old. The elephant returned to a serious condition. Among the concerns of the followers, both Thai and Japanese. by staying at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center, Lampang Province.

After that, the story of the poor elephant who had to live abroad for over 20 years disappeared from social media. The Thai Rath news team asked a doctor who looked after elephants in the area 25 years ago, it was confirmed that "Pangstomee" had symptoms of thinning. And she did not respond to subsequent treatment until he died peacefully in the land of his birth that he left for more than 20 years

Credit : Thai Rath Online