• 2023-09-30

History of elephant in Thailand

Do you know what the significance of elephants in Thailand?
Elephants and the Thai royal family.
Elephants have played an important role in Thai history and culture since ancient times. Thai civilization began in the 13th century. Kingdom of Sukhothai, Ayutthaya, and Tongbri Until now, for the Thai people, the elephant is a noble animal in Radanakhin. Clever, and worth fighting alongside the king. Especially, white elephants are chosen as elephants for various royal ceremonies because they are rare and sacred. The white elephant became a symbol of the king's imperial power. The jurisdiction of each king depends on the number of white elephants he possesses. The white elephant selected as the royal elephant will be selected from the best variety and must possess all qualifications, namely white eyes and white ceiling. White nails, white hair, white skin, white tail, and white testicles.


in Thai history, Elephants have long played an important role in protecting the country's independence. With its enormous size and strength Elephants were therefore used to fight in battles with enemies such as the Khmers and Burmese during the Sukhothai and Ayutthaya Kingdoms. Elephants were able to carry soldiers and run at speeds of up to 25 kilometers per hour. This made the elephants known as the formidable force of the army. Especially their enormous appearance, speed, strength, and ability to destroy every obstacle on the battlefield. In addition, the battle between kings with weapons on elephant backs is a rare but important uniqueness. It is an honor on the battlefield. Yutthaethi is a tradition similar to a duel on horseback between Western knights. The duels were often fatal. The elephants chosen by the king for battle were usually large bulls with broad skulls. It has long and sharp tusks that can be used to attack enemies.