• 2023-08-30


There are three species of Elephants

African Savanna (Loxodonta africana), African Forest (Loxodonta cyclones), and Asian (Elephas maximus). The African Savanna elephant can grow up to 30 meters and weigh over 13,000 lbs., making it an endangered species. The African Forest elephant is smaller weighs around 5,950 lbs. and stands up to 8.2 meters at the shoulder. The Asian elephant, on the other hand, can grow up to 18-21 meters weighs 4,000-11,000 lbs. and stands 8-10 meters at the shoulder. Both species live in the wild on the African continent south of the Sahara, while Asian elephants live in India and Southeast Asia, including Sumatra and Borneo. Their former range extended from the Himalayas to China and the Yangtze River. Elephants roam great distances to find food and water, with Mali's desert elephants in Africa migrating almost 300 miles in a year.

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Credits: Global Sanctuary for Elephants