Full day program

Announcement!! Fully Book on 1-5, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14-20, 22-31 January 2024

This one day elephant care program will be included free picked up vehicles, learning to prepare food and herbal medicine for an elephant. These extra program will take almost a whole day which will start with getting informative camp’s story. 

- 08:30 A.M. - 09:00 A.M. : We will pick you up from your hotel by provided vehicle, and it will take an hour to get to Mae Tang branches of Elephant retirement.

- 10:00 A.M. After the arriving, the experienced guide will brief you an information which relates to the elephants' behavior, a story of our retired elephants that we rescued, and how to provide proper care for them.

- 10:30 A.M. It is the time for preparing food, herb, and healthy treats (fresh fruit, sugar cane etc.) for the elephants and enjoy feeding them afterward. We will let you take a walk and observe a view freely along with an elephant

 - 12:00 P.M. After experienced a journey, you will get high on enjoying provided Thai buffet lunch which is suitable for vegetarians with complimentary filtered water, coffee, and tea.

 - 01:00 P.M. : It is the time to take a bath with the elephant by showering the elephants and scrub mud in order to protect the elephant skin from the insects. You and the elephants are allowed to take a walk which will surely have a happiness and fulfilling moment by looking at the happy elephants as they play with the sand 

 - 03:30 P.M. : After your time with the elephants, we prepared towels and soap for cleaning yourself before going back to the city. After you have taken a shower, there is some time to relax with a cold beverage and enjoy the scenery. 

 - 05:30 P.M. : We will drop you off at your hotel in the city which will take roughly 1 hour.

The program Include:

- Pick up service

- Lunch

- Drinking water

- Photography upload on facebook

- Insurance

- Food for elephant - bananas, and sugar cane for the elephants.

Adult Price 2,800THB

Child Price

- 1-2 year Free *** Children 1-2 years old please sit on parents lap

- 3-8 year Half Price

- 9+ year Full Price 2,800THB

*** Please bring: Bathing Suite, Flip-Flops, Sun Protection, Change of clothes, Short pants, and personal Medicine ***