Feeding elephant trail (New program)

If you have plan to visit PAI by motorbike, we recommend this program!

Riding by your own motorcycle or driving by your own car visit two of elephant parks for anytime between (8.30am. - 3.30pm.) 

1. Start from Chiang Mai city riding to Elephant Retirement Park is a home for retired working elephants, get information about the elephants, take photo with retired elephant and baby elephant, after that enjoy to feeding them about 1hr.



2. Next ride the motorcycle to another elephant park name, Doo doi elephant home about 30mins, the new elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai enjoy to feeding elephant and interact with the new elephants (river view).


After that you can ride motorcycle to PAI (about 2hr.) or back to Chiang Mai (about 2hr.)

NOTE: No pick up service (Drive by your own car or motorcycle)


  • Entrance ticket for 2 elephant parks
  • Food for elephant
  • Water
  • Coffee
  • Relax zone